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Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict: Not Guilty

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A Wisconsin court has reached a simple verdict devour the particular Kyle Rittenhouse demo.

The particular jury delivered the not liable verdict upon all 5 matters Friday afternoon, right after three and the half days associated with deliberation following the particular three-week murder demo.

Apparently, the presiding determine also considered the particular defense’ s movement to dismiss since the prosecution apparently held video photos from the capturing and raised earlier barred evidence.

The 18-year old shooter was charged with double murder and could have already been sentenced to life in prison if convicted. Rittenhouse confronted five felony matters stemming from his shooting, including first degree intentional homicide which carries an automatic sentence of 15 years without parole or lethal injection

The 17-year old who goes by Rittenhouse was walking around with his AR15 semi automatic rifle in Kenosha last summer when he opened fire on demonstrating racial justice advocates, killing Paul Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber. 

The prosecution failed to prove Rittenhouse guilty and they went on a demonstrations for provoking assault.

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