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Ike Rhein Releases “Just Like You”

Ike Rhein Releases “Just Like You”

Back in July, Ike Rhein released a music video for his single, “Not for Me.” The music video has since eclipsed 100,000 views. Building on the success of “Not for Me,” Ike Rhein returns with a smash single to kick off the month of September. 
“Just Like You,” produced by ZBeatz, brandishes an acoustic guitar sound blended with Ike Rhein’s poppy, heartfelt vocals. The song delves into the inner workings of relationships. “‘Just Like You’ is about how sometimes people only focus on nitpicking the little things that their significant other does that makes them upset, but their significant other could do just the same to them.” Ike Rhein continues, “The second verse was written from more of an audience perspective, talking about how you’re on your own.” “Just Like You” serves as a reminder that it’s better to uplift the other partner and focus on the positives in a relationship to lessen the needless friction caused by being fixated on the minor issues.  
Although “Just Like You” has a somber undertone, the song makes use of a fun and catchy melody. Listeners will be humming the tune all day and all night. “Just Like You” is yet another example of what the 19-year-old songster has in his arsenal. The year end may be approaching, but Ike Rhein’s reign is just beginning.
Artist’s Bio:
Ike Rhein is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Grand Rapids, Michigan, but now resides in Miami, Florida. Ike Rhein discovered his voice and passion for music at a young age. He learned how to play numerous instruments, and began creating melodies, compositions and songs as a child. Ike Rhein has since been featured in countless media outlets and worked with various talents such as YN Jay and multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated Vinny DeLeon. With a fusion of futuristic notes and nostalgic vocals, Ike Rhein’s distinctive sound is on its way to the forefront of the global stage. 




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