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Kodak Black Drops “Super Gremlin” Music Video

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Since their release from jail, Kodak Black has not been holding back songs. The rapper’s already revealed three solo tasks and this past weekend he fortunate fans with one more: a brand new Sniper Team compilation! Well it was an effort to emphasize the talents of Sykobob but there were plenty of solitary cuts put up against him on tracklist for those seeking proof that can stand apart yourself in today’s music landscape without collaborating or Taylor Swifting your way through every verse like some kind-of pop phenomenon (not really). One such single is “Killin’ The Rats” – which made its original appearance here before popping up again later down below as well Super Gemlins.

Quotable Lyrics

Trackhawk with the kit, snatch off on the bitch
When I slide, night light on the blick
Bet I’m on my shit when I’m outside
Saw them, ran down
Caught him pants down, nigga you shitted
I knew the perc was fake, but I still ate it
‘Cause I’m a gremlin

Verse 2

Kodak Black – Super Gremlin [Official Music Video]
Snipergang Presents: Sykobob & Snapkatt: Nightmare Babies OUT NOW!

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