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Lil Durk- Refugee Lyrics

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(Ayy, pull up, Lam)
(2Ezzy on some other shit)
I’m poppin’ a seal in Barney’s
I’m signin’ a deal with a sharpie
I went to sleep smokin’ on a Backwood and I’m burnin’ the carpet
I grew up in vacant apartments
The presence of pills retarded
They don’t even care if niggas steady dyin’ from it, they just floodin’ the market
Off them drugs, I nodded
I’m with the killers regardless
Don’t ask me why I got gun on me ’cause these niggas be killin’ the artist
I fell in love with a darlin’, they steady bringin’ up charges
Went to sleep with my ankle monitor, goin’ dead, and I forgot to charge it
He come from the streets, the darkest (Yeah)
Every day sleep with a Barbie (Yeah)
He out of my life, he tardy (Yeah)
Niggas gon’ shoot, we ain’t arguin’ (Yeah)
How you get killed when you partyin’? (Yeah)
The streets and the bitches my audience (Yeah)
Look at my diamonds they ornaments (Yeah)
We turn a killin’ into the tournament (Yeah)
We get the revenge, it’s glorious (Yeah)
The two F and Ns, I ordered it (Yeah)
I’m lovin that Urus, I ordered it (Yeah)
She suckin’ my dick, I’m recordin’ it (Yeah)
The police they call him notorious (Yeah)
He did a line early (Yeah)
I wasn’t buyin’ jewelery (Yeah)
How I’ma bribe a jury (Yeah)
I live in designer stores (Yeah)
I drink outta Styrofoam (Yeah)
He takin’ them Percocets (Yeah)
I hate that he died alone (Yeah)
I’m leavin’ them snakes alone (Yeah)
I’m leavin’ them fakes alone (Yeah)
The homicides gettin’ solved (Yeah)
I’m leavin’ them jakes alone (Yeah)
Cut my homie off (Yeah)
He a custo (Yeah)
If I go broke (Yeah)
Turnin’ cutthroat (Yeah)
We don’t cut dope (Yeah)
Can’t save a slut though (Yeah)
He got two headshots (Yeah)
Well he got rushed for (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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