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Lil Baby- Vision Clear (feat. Lavish The Mdk) Lyrics

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Gotta let ’em know I’m here
Gotta know my vision clear
I ain’t waiting on niggas, they would’ve left me in the rear
Only God know what’s up with me, the only one I fear
I made a dub last year and blew that money on some gear, forreal
You know we cut different grew up runnin’ round the ville
In love with that money, the money give me a thrill
In love with your honey, she cummin’ for me forreal
Told her keep her mouth closed cause that’s that shit that get you killed
Can’t fall nigga, I’m a dawg nigga
Everytime I get that chance you know I’ma ball nigga
And if I can’t get my dawg up then I’ma fall with ’em
Know it wouldn’t even feel right if Ion’t ball with ’em
Why these niggas keep on bendin’ and foldin’?
Everytime a nigga winnin’ they holdin’
They don’t wanna see me up, they just wanna see me stuck
I got a nerve for the money I be runnin’ that shit up
All I ever did was showed love
Guess that shit there just wasn’t enough
Funny how these niggas switchin’ up
I thought you was suppose to be my fam, damn
No and I wasn’t surprised but it’s straight now I just see you can’t be one of them guys
All I see is dollar signs when I close my eyes
Every nigga claim they real but they just livin’ a lie
[Lil Baby:]
They don’t wanna see me win, they wanna see me bend
They don’t want me in that Benz they want me walkin’
Gave them niggas my all when I ain’t have too
I swear I gotta take off nigga I’m past due
Lately I been really feelin’ like I really deserve this
All the shit we been through I just hope it was worth it
4’d up sticks we don’t come out at play time
Only time I get to see my son is on FaceTime
I been goin’ through some shit lately
Wonderin’ why these p*ssy niggas hate me
I’m the same nigga from the block that tried to save ’em
We been runnin’ since a jit man I damn near raised ’em
Thinkin’ should we go and get them sticks and erase ’em
Watch my manz froze in the gym like some paper
I’m just tryna chase my dreams, get my weight up
When we was broke we couldn’t sleep we just stayed up
Runnin’ from them laws on a daily basis
I just pray to God when I wake up Ion’t catch no cases
We got dirty K’s on the block
They don’t want a nigga to pop
They ain’t never gon’ stop
I’ma keep gettin’ this paper
Ain’t gon’ wait upp
I love her but I want save her
I be damned if I chase her

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