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10 Hip hop rules every kid must know

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10 Hip hop rules every kid must know

Every hip hop lover out there has his/her own favorite hip hop rules and every hip hip artist and even hip hop dancer has to follow them or face dire consequences. Hip Hop Rules: Hip Hop is a lifestyle that cannot be confined to mere dancing, listening and rapping. There are certain rules that were made by hip-hop artists themselves which

1. Rap is not just music, it’s a culture

Hip-hop music is not just hip-hop music, it’s a hip hop culture. It involves much more than the mere extension of the culture

2. Respect your elders, even if they’re not in hip hop

Oh, and it’s not always apparent (to you or I) if someone is in hip-hop. So just assume everyone with a history on the scene has earned their stripes and you’re more than welcome to respectfully engage them in conversation. They might even be able to offer you some wisdom that could change your life for the better,

3. You can’t rap about things you don’t know about

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard every type of rap song there is, but no matter what kind of rap you listen to, it’s always better when the lyrics are something that the rapper knows about. That doesn’t just mean if someone raps about cars they have to know about every make and model out there.

4. Rappers are poets who use rhythm and rhyme to express themselves

Hip hop lyrics are often called poetry, but it’s not the same as the kind of written poetry you might have learned about in Highschool.  Hip hop lyrics are more like rap battles or spoken word poetry, where the rapper is talking about themselves and their own experiences.

5. Rap is an art form so be creative with your words

Don’t just listen to rap music because it has cool beats, listen to it for the lyrics.  Rap is really different from other kinds of music because the lyrics are just as important, if not more important than the beats.  You can even rap along to songs that you don’t know all lyrics.

6. Don’t get caught up in the hype of “hating” other rappers because that doesn’t make any sense

Hip hop is all about competition.  It’s an art form, so rappers are always competing with each other to be the best.

7. Hip hop is more than just music

Hip hop is about the culture, too.

8. Always be aware of your surroundings 

Since hip hop is about the here and now, you should always be aware of your surroundings.

9. Never trust anyone with a microphone .

The people with the mic are not to be trusted. When you look at them, they are smiling and all that, but deep down inside, they want nothing more than to fill your head with lies about how much money you can make in the rap game if you’re smart enough.

10. Know what to do when you’re being dissed

If someone is dissing you, take heed. If they are calling you out by name or tagging your social media accounts with insults, don’t respond directly – no matter how much you want to. At this point, somebody has surely captured the rants and put them up for everyone to see. Now, if you have a fan base

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