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Wale – Poke It Out (feat. J. Cole) [Official Music Video]

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Wale – Poke It Out (feat. J. Cole) [Official Music Video]
Wale – “Poke It Out” (feat. J. Cole) out now:
Pre-save Wale’s new album ‘Folarin II’ (out 10/22):

Director: LCR$
Creative Director: Chris Robinson
Producer: Rosanne Cunningham
Production Company: Robot Films

#Wale #JCole #PokeItOut

“Poke It Out” Lyrics:

I just want to see if you going lie or you gonna love me
I was gettin boards way before I got the money, honey
Since I been a star they don’t love me
The ceilings got stars when the star aint got no ceiling
Stick it out , poke it out (2x)
She got a little butt so what
Big bag she can show enough
Stick it out , poke it out (2x)

My regards to boards that thought I was done
Pick a side pick a side and die on the joint
I been letting things slide they trying too hard
Cuz I aint left the city once still travel aboard
Nigga I’m back on my boss shit
The stick in the Honda Civic we in the car service
I really just mind my business and pray that God sort em
Can’t really be long winded
You Talkin short money today we not cost cutting
Can you stick it out
Told me she was quarantined
Them brand new titties out
And it might be a couple weeks to make them bitches bounce
So I mean it when I be like what’s the turn around
No really turn around, okay


Turn around I wanna see (I wanna see)
Do it look how it look on ig
Bad from every angle she got herself a trainer
I know that nigga cant help be take a little peek
Cole world and Folarin co starring
We both flexing Bo Jacksons Bo Granden
These cap niggas that rap with piss poor jargon
My latest whip my latest chick was both foreign
I know all my hoes miss me
I been the shit since I hit elementary
She know who run it
The one that keep 100
To find a better nigga you gonna have to live a century
evidently the coach can’t bench me
The franchise player
I don’t know how to miss and they can’t buy a lay up
I’m ain’t what they are
I cant take my mind off your pants I swear
Girl you shinning like a damn moncler
I’m thinking we should dip like the Cam’ron era
If you the big steppa I’m the landmine here
That’s the one they know they can’t come near


Poke it up I wanna
See you play weather you
Meg the stallion or like Coi leray

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