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Mystic alt-rock artist Jem reveals sophomore single, the cinematic ‘Lost’

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Forever intrigued by the unseen, unspoken and the hidden, Jem discovered songwriting as an outlet to render his otherworldly feelings. Offering a rare and unique trait of one so young, Jem embodies intensity and talent far beyond his years and experience. Now ready to reveal his second single, ‘Lost’, the Turkish musician merges his Alternative Rock inspirations from the ’90s with his Middle Eastern melodies carefully collected from his childhood.

Before crossing over to study Contemporary Music in London, Jem studied Opera at the age of 16. His musical influences vary from Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, The Doors, Nick , Sarah Vaughan and music across the Middle East (Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, and other Arab world countries). Jem expertly combines the contemporary Western sounds he collected whilst living in London, delicately pieced together with his culture, antiquity and the wisdom that lies within his Middle Eastern roots.

Beguiling, alluring and utterly captivating, alternative rock artist and all round mystic Jem has returned with his second cinematic single, the mesmerising ‘Lost’. Following on from the November 2021 release of the spellbinding ‘Secrets’ which marked a rare and enticing debut, Jem partners this initial enchanting entrance into the industry with the next authentic taste of his artistry.

Accompanied again by another visual of momentous beauty, ‘Lost’ is haunting and thick with emotion, directed by Jems older brother Necip Karakas. Taking place in an ancient church, accented with gold and dotted with the warm, gentle glow of candles, a soft spotlight pierces through the windows casting a stream of incandescent rays onto Jem illuminating him against the heavy dark shadows while Jem delicately begins ‘Million years without the sun’.

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