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Rick Ross Exposes How much cash he thinks 50 Cent Created from ‘BMF’ Series

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While promoting his new album, Richer Than I’ve Ever Been (which features several tracks inspired by different topics), Ross took some shots at the Power and BMF creator. He admitted that he had watched episode one of 50 Cent’s show before telling how much money was made off that entire season alone!

“Man, I saw the first [episode]. I was just trying to support the homie Meech, the n-ggas bask in the street. I possibly could put [my issues with 50] to the side, Rick Ross said. “I know he may have made a quarter million off the whole season. 

Rick Ross then told the interviewer to leave out any mention of his compensation and he would send congratulations. He sarcastically suggested that they share this article with 50 because it’s “tame” for him in comparison!

When asked if he’s ever considered acting, Ross replied “There isn’t enough money in it to make me want to try.” I would have gone with REVOLT rather than just taking any job offered. So tell Curtis I said Go Revolt!’

Ross is mad that 50 reinvented his career

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Wing stop money ain’t messing with Power Book 2, BMF or Kanan, plus 50 got other shows on different networks. 50 is on a higher level, Ross is a purse snatcher compared to 50

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