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Updated 24 January, 2022

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What is the Metaverse?

The ‘metaverse’ is an immersive mass-multiplayer virtual world environment consisting of many interconnected worlds, developed both by software developers/studios as well as actual real life users joining their systems together. -Wikipedia

This article is dedicated towards the virtual reality industry, also known as ‘the metaverse’:

In October 2021, Marcy Venture Partners took a bet on Iddris Sandu and his company Spatial LABS {sLABS}. Jay-Z has always been a leader. So, when he is on the cutting edge of change, and he can see what will happen next. Aligning with MVP can help them achieve their similar vision. They want to empower young people via technology, so the partnership is important for generations of creators.

Marcy Venture Partners, which is created by Shawn Carter, Larry Marcus, and Jay Brown, wants to create game-changing businesses and widespread brands. MVP had decided to invest in the company. Let’s see what they’ll explore what is possible at the intersection of technology, culture, and humanity.

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Iddris Sandu and Shawn Carter are set to launch their debut product LNQ

Shawn Carter’s Metaverse!

We explored the city and came across a church where an adult Nat Love killed a “priest” who helped Rufus Black kill his parents when he was young. Inside the church, there’s a table with virtual copies of The Harder They Fall soundtracks. If you click on them it will take you to the merch store to shop.wapt image post 19

There were strategic placements of sponsors and corporate integrations throughout the environment, including Netflix and bottles of Jay-Z’s D’usse cognac lining the saloons.

A train that has the initials for Chadwick Boseman were displayed in the game. There can be seen a model of where Rufus Buck was shot and freed from.wapt image post 20

The initials C. A. Boseman are written on the side of a “Baggage & Express” train, which also has the name of Chadwick’s character from “Black Panther.” — a tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman.

The walls in the train are decorated with art posters and facts about the main characters. They are US Marshall Bass Reeves (Delroy Lindo), Trudy Smith (Regina King), who was the leader of Bucks Gang, saloon-owner and badass “Stagecoach Mary” Fields, gang-leader, Rufus Buck and Nat Love, the man out to avenge the brutal murder of his parents at the hands of Rufus Buck.

Some reviews of their Metaverse experience said the sound for when Bullitts and Deon were speaking weren’t very clear and it would have been better if we had been notified of where in the metaverse we could see guest appearances. People also suggested to having involved an avatar and interact with other avatars in the space.

The experience was executed brilliantly. CYBR did a outperformed and put in a lot of things that people liked and were tied to the movie. There is room for improvement, but if CYBR is any indication of what RocNation will do, then it looks like they plan to win.

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