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Kodak goes viral on date with fiancé; Twerking Squabble

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SUNRISE, FL – JANUARY 11: Rapper and fiancé Mellow Rackz watch the Florida Panthers play the Vancouver Canucks at the FLA Live Arena on January 11, 2022 in Sunrise, Florida.

Kodak Black is known for his music, but most recently he has made headlines with his provocative videos. The latest features the rapper twerking in front of a large crowd and it didn’t take long before people started to talk about it. What makes this video different is that one of the police officers who was standing near Kodak Black during the video can be seen dancing along with him. The officer isn’t trying to stop the party, instead Mellow Rackz joins in on the fun by throwing her hands up and shaking her bum back and forth while twerking on Kodak.

Kodak black came to show and tell when he entered the rink, with a girl on his arm. The pair walked up to center ice to watch the Florida Panthers play their hockey game sitting right next to executives in the next suite. Kodak black was dancing in front of her and it looked like she was enjoying every minute of it.

The Florida Panthers defeated the Vancouver Canucks 5-2 on Tuesday night, if you were wondering. What was special about the game was that and one of the players made headlines for paying tribute to Kapri by acknowledging him at center ice before the start.

When you’re in love with life, everything seems possible. This feeling is captured beautifully by this video from inside the luxury box suite where they were filmed dancing together—and she posted a clip of them after their game…

…captioning ” to be happy you gotta not give two shits”. Well there you have it folks. As told by Kodak Black himself. Live your life the way you want to because you only have one and life is too short. I think this is going to be one for the books. We’ll keep you connected with what the rapper is up to now starting 2022 living Young, wild, and free.

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