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As the newest hip hop and reggae media outlet, Hustle Franklins is leading the charge in new music discovery. We provide you with all of your favorite music from the most talented artists on the internet today, as well as exclusive interviews with some of your favorite stars that you won’t see anywhere else! Our team includes a wide range of people who are passionate about what they do, including writers, editors, photographers, videographers and more. With thousands of followers across social media platforms like Instagram (@HustleFranklinsent), Facebook (@Hustlefranklinsent) and Twitter (@HustleFranklins), we are making waves in an industry that has long been dominated by corporate giants.

Discover how we founded the company

Hustle Franklins LLC is a Clothing brand and Entertainment Company. We’ve been around since 2012, but incorporated in 2019 as an LLC.

Hustle Franklins sells Men & Women T-shirts, Hoodies and more. Soon featuring Suits, Dress, and Formal wear. If you have been one of our early followers we thank you so much! Without your interactions we wouldn’t of made it this far. We still have so much more to offer now!

The Story

Welcome To The Hustle Franklins Enterprise! 
The Hustle Franklins Enterprise is a production company focusing on music production, post audio production, writing, recording and developing artists. Being versatile, our goal is to target all genres of music including Rap, Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Ambience, TV/Movie and many more.

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Some details about the team behind this project

Richando Micklewhite


Richando Micklewhite studied business administration, grew up in South Florida to Bahamian and Jamaican parents. I’m an Innovator who create ideas to help others. I like to listen to music, play basketball, and grow businesses.